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To get in contact with The Rutherford Post UK please review the information below for further details. Due to a large volume of requests, we are not always able to reply to each email we receive.

News & Editorial

To get in contact with The Rutherford Post UK regarding news articles that have been featured on our publication or if you have additional insights or facts to share, contact our news editorial team on [email protected].


If you would like to request an amendment to an existing story due to factual inaccuracy or missing information, you contact us on: [email protected].

Sales & licenses

To discuss media partnerships, sponsored content or licensing requests, contact [email protected].

Technical support

If you would like to notify us about a technical issue related to our platform on any device, or are having difficulty accessing our content, please reach out to us on: [email protected].

All other requests

For all other contact requests, email us on [email protected].