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ICS AI launches SMART, the UK’s first public sector conversational AI

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Due to current staffing issues across the UK, hiring temporary workers from outside the country might cost the public sector £10.3 billion. If conversational AI is adept at responding to user queries, it may reduce this figure by up to 50%. ICS AI is the first company to offer a human parity performance guarantee issued for an AI product – empowering the public sector with new AI assistants.

An Alexa for the public sector, ICS AI’s AI assistants are pre-trained on thousands of inquiries using sophisticated language models, improving continuously with SMART Mesh hyper-learning capabilities, and are accessible across all contact channels to improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

Over 702,000 enquiries have been answered by ICS AI SMART AI assistants to date, with an average success rate of 92% and outcomes comparable to those of a skilled employee. The recently introduced guarantee states that ICS AI would train them back to human parity levels at no further cost if their performance declines, ensuring the exceptional performance is constant.

Human parity performance: what is it?

Conversational AI will be at parity with humans when it can resolve at least 85% of inquiries the first time, which is the same as an adviser managing a phone, live chat, email, or messenger encounter. Only with tens of thousands of questions can an AI language model be created, giving an AI assistant the ability to comprehend and conduct the majority of conversations that end users of a specific organisation might have.

Customer evaluations

Practically speaking, human parity enables self-service for up to 50% of all incoming contacts, independent of channel, day of the week, or hour. Significant advantages result from this; improved customer happiness, increased agility, and streamlined operations produce yearly savings of up to £500k for a mid-sized organisation.