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This young entrepreneur has revealed his vision to transform the IT sector

Ian Taylor and son Oliver / © TECHGIANT

As part of a disruptive consulting business, a teen entrepreneur hopes to transform the IT and telecoms industries by growing into a “giant” in the sector.

Oliver Taylor, the 19-year-old founder of TECHGIANT Workplace, guarantees access to complete market solutions on a worldwide scale and quick client results—typically in just a few days.

With future exponential growth anticipated to reach £20-£30m in just five years, the aspirational business entrepreneur has created a three-year business plan based on yearly revenues of over £5m.

His father, industry veteran Ian Taylor, who has over 30 years of expertise in corporate IT and creating and maintaining high-performing technology sales organisations, is helping him out.

The London-based company seeks to enable ongoing digital transformation through collaboration and communication technologies by providing evidence-backed recommended shortlists that best meet a company’s commercial and technical goals. This will decrease risk, time, and procurement costs.

Areas of expertise from a diverse cloud-ready services portfolio include:

  • Unified Communication and collaboration
  • Dedicated contact centre solutions
  • AV conferencing and meeting rooms
  • Data centre and colocation
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud
  • Cloud-ready connectivity and infrastructure solutions
  • Global call plans
  • Virtual online events
  • Devices and hardware to drive better user adoption and experience

“I accept there may be scepticism in some quarters, however this is not some naïve pipedream. For me, too often the industry is inundated with copious amounts of sales hype and information overload. It’s time to change that,” Oliver highlighted.

“Together with my father I have developed a carefully orchestrated blueprint, based on the solid foundations of market understanding, operational excellence and technology-led business innovation.”

He continued: “We have a London city headquarters and a team of highly experienced international data analysts. We’ve garnered a huge amount of credible vendor relationships worldwide with pretty much all the best of breed industry recognised market leaders out there, alongside some relatively unknown ones who may well surprise people with the stability and value they represent.

“We already contribute greatly towards the thought leadership community within our sector, highlighting the impact the right technologies can have in areas such as supply chain, talent attraction, workplace and employee wellbeing. In fact we have authored a whole series of whitepapers which document these areas, with access to a huge portfolio of products and services showcased at the TECHGIANT Workplace.

“In addition we are putting the finishing touches to a charity foundation and our own customer rebate TechFund rewards programme. It’s all part of a multi-dimensional strategy. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.”

Following Britain’s exit from the European Union, London has become one of the world’s top destinations for businesses, attracting record levels of inward investment, particularly in its booming IT and Fintech industries.