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Scotland’s Rewilding Ambitions Garner Global Attention with DiCaprio’s Support

Rewilding Scotland nature
© Tim Rüßmann

A sweeping campaign encompassing the entirety of the UK, advocating for Scotland to pioneer as the premier Rewilding Nation, has gained significant traction, bolstered by the recent endorsement from Hollywood luminary Leonardo DiCaprio. The initiative is embarking on an audacious fundraising endeavour, aiming to secure £200,000 within a mere week.

Championed by the Scottish Rewilding Alliance, a coalition comprising over 20 organisations, the campaign implores the Scottish Government to commit to an ambitious scheme of nature restoration covering 30% of the nation’s landmass, aimed at fostering ecological rejuvenation, combating climate change, and enhancing the well-being of its populace.

In a heartfelt endorsement shared with his legion of 62 million Instagram followers, Leonardo DiCaprio expressed his fervent support for the cause. His post, resonating with nearly 100,000 admirers, articulated the transformative potential of Scotland leading the charge in rewilding its landscapes, thereby ensuring pristine air and water quality, carbon sequestration, flood mitigation, wildlife revitalisation, and enhanced local livelihoods.

The fundraising drive, spearheaded by Rewilding Britain, seeks to amass £200,000 for the Rewilding Nation campaign, coinciding with the Big Give Green Match Fund scheduled from April 18th to 25th. Generous contributions made during this period will be matched by the Big Give, amplifying the impact of every donation.

Kevin Cumming, Rewilding Britain’s Rewilding Director and a pivotal member of the Scottish Rewilding Alliance’s steering group, urged individuals from all walks of life to rally behind the cause. Emphasising the significance of fostering a collective vision for a more sustainable and equitable Scotland, Cumming underscored the manifold benefits rewilding offers, spanning improved public health, job creation, food security, and the restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

Funds mobilised during the Big Give week will be channelled towards extensive outreach efforts targeting the Scottish Government, political stakeholders, and local communities. This will include a diverse array of events slated for the summer months, the publication of a comprehensive community rewilding guide, and the promotion of the campaign in Gaelic to ensure inclusivity.

With an innovative and dynamic approach, the Scottish Rewilding Alliance aims to showcase how rewilding serves as a beacon of hope in the face of biodiversity loss and climate upheaval, while also delivering substantial social and economic dividends. The initiative will actively engage young people, many of whom harbour grave concerns about the existential threats posed by climate change and environmental degradation.

Trees for Life, an esteemed member of the Alliance, has extended a warm invitation to Leonardo DiCaprio to visit their Dundreggan Rewilding Centre nestled near the picturesque shores of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. A bastion of rewilding and Gaelic heritage, the centre serves as a gateway for visitors to explore Trees for Life’s Dundreggan estate, situated within the Affric Highlands, the largest rewilding expanse in the UK.

Scotland, despite its breathtaking natural beauty, grapples with alarming levels of ecological depletion. Intensive agricultural practices and the spectre of climate change loom large, wreaking havoc on precious habitats and indigenous wildlife. To combat this ecological crisis, the Alliance advocates for the restoration of key habitats such as peatlands, native woodlands, wetlands, rivers, and coastal areas, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with productive farmland.

The Rewilding Nation Charter, a poignant testament to the grassroots momentum behind the movement, has garnered widespread support, with thousands pledging their commitment to the cause. As momentum continues to build, the vision of Scotland as a beacon of rewilding excellence stands poised to materialise, heralding a new era of ecological stewardship and sustainable development.